How Technology Will Change The Lives In 2020

A few questions look like disturbing everyone even remotely linked with information technology. What does the future have for technology? What are the technology trends that are going to be introduced in 2020? There is always a lot of talks related to the things that will shape technology in 2020. These new features and updates for new possibilities to reach out to targeted audiences can make technology more effective than ever.

What is the latest technology in software?

IoT (Internet of Things):

The internet of things is the next big thing in technology and science. IoT is necessarily a huge virtual network of connected devices this makes things function smoothly through a single monitoring center. With IoT, users now have the ability to control or manage anything from security to air conditioning. Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home are prime examples. Samsung and Apple have declared the launch of Bixby and Homepod. Adding to that, if you are a Chinese food lover then click here.


Amazon’s automated grocery would be the top hit thing this year and is expected to do even better in the coming years. Thanks to this, you do not need cashiers anymore. Though expensive, it still has been a huge demand. There will be pressure cameras and sensors automating pay and enhancing the long lines in stores in times to follow, be it at pharmacies or groceries.


Bitcoin establishes in 2017 and since then there has been no looking back. Now there is a demand for stable coins that are not familiar to fluctuations plaguing the system. These stable coins are all set to illustrate the highest standards of cryptocurrency and choose the best status a mainstream technique of payment by 2020.


The decentralized ledge holding cryptocurrencies together, blockchain is prominent for financial transactions. They make tracking easy, offering access to information in academia, assist form unique experiences with games utilizing complex algorithms and so on.

2020 might be the year when technology really starts transforming lives. With different exciting things waiting to happen and some of them already on way, one simple thing cannot control one’s excitement but look forward to the impending year.