How to Increase Twitter Following Organically

Twitter is one of the most dominant social media networks in the world, with more than half of brands stating Twitter as their go-to place for engaging customers. Thanks to its simplistic design, Twitter stands as perhaps the easiest social media network to grow a following.

Despite how quick many might be to dismiss follower count as nothing more than a vanity metric, the number of followers you have is inarugably more important on Twitter than any other outlet. It signifies your influence, reach and brand reputation, making it literally impossible to ignore. Here are three highly-effective ways to increase your Twitter following organically. In contrast, a quicker route is always to buy Twitter followers.

Tweet, tweet and tweet some more

As the old saying goes, “when in doubt, tweet more often.” Since Twitter promotes short-form content, people will quickly move from one brand to another without giving what a particular account has to say. This is especially true if you haven’t established yourself as a dominant force on the site. How do you remedy this, you might ask? Well, tweet more, of course!

The optimal number of tweet to send out in a day is anywhere from 3 to 7. Depending on the industry, those number might be as high as 15 or 20, so some market research is warranted. The key is to not only tweet about yourself, tweet your followers’ content, recent news from outlets like Buzzfeed and other relevant industry articles. Something to remember is that quality is always favored over quantity, so don’t just tweet to meet some imaginary quota.

Interact with Your Audience

In the fantastic world of Twitter, gaining popularity is all about engaging with your followers. Talk to them, have a casual conversation on things that interest you and have an overall likable personality. These conversations should be free of any promotional content at all costs.

If Twitter were a sovereign country, their currency would be retweets, and are as such very valuable in the community. And yet, it costs absolutely nothing. If someone mentions you in their posts, retweet their content and maybe leave a reply. It’ll pay down the road.

Tweet More Images

You’ve probably already caught onto the whole ‘visual content’ trend at some point if you’re highly active in the marketing world. Tweets with images are known to consistently get more retweets and likes than plain text tweets. Use infographics, gifs and memes in your posts to stop people who just scroll looking for something interesting to view. They are so effective even brands like Slack, Beardbrand and, perhaps best of all, Wendy’s are known to use them.