Money making games provided by websites are legal or illegal in India?

There are lots of games present online which are offering to invest some money and make it more. Almost in all parts of world, these games are reaching to the boom and adding more and more people as they are providing attractive offers. Here, in India you have to be aware of gaming rules because it is not as clear as it sounds. First of all we should to know the acts and laws that are made for gambling in India.

What are gambling rules in Indian constitution?

According to Indian constitution, the Public Gambling Act 1867, all types of gambling are banned in India, but here is a loophole that is used by many websites. As if we think about the time when the act came into force, there was not a single website. So, it was not banned online.

What will happen if someone breaks the Public Gambling Act?

If you are going to breaking the Public Gambling Act you will be aware that it may fine you ₹ 200 or can be cause of the imprisonment for 3 months. There is not a single gambling legal in India.

Why the casino and gambling is not legal in India?

As the gambling used for money making and can leads to money laundering and corruption. So, avoid the crime and decrease the crime rate, these games and casinos are banned in India. However, you can play mobile games which are not coming in the criteria.

What about online gambling website running online?

As gambling is banned and no one can make a gambling house to provide such services, it means the person who is an Indian citizen or living in India cannot give such services. So, they can’t run such services.

Which sites can be used for gambling legal in India?

People always think that gambling is banned in Indian states, perhaps you may use the online gambling sites run by other countries where gambling is legal, because the websites which are used by other countries cannot be banned by Indian constitution.

Can online gambling be illegal to play online in future?

There is no official statement for banning the gambling on other countries website, but it may be ban in future.